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July 11th, 2018
Week 7-10
Well, what can I say about the last part of the season? You LOST to a bunch o' damn ELVES! Let that sink in for a while.
Now, you got some good training in the last couple games and seem to have righted the ship but that loss chaps my cheeks.
Keep focused on the playoffs to come. You're gonna have a bit of a wait for your next opponent. They'll have to finish up the regular season and the wildcard round before you get a shot at 'em, whoever it ends up being.
I don't see adding any new players or staff at this point. We're gonna ride with what we have and see if the rest of the league can stop what's been working for us.
Now, get on the line, it's time for some sprints! You don't get days off, just because you have a bye week.
- Andrew
May 3rd, 2018
Weeks 2-6
So far so good. Six wins by slim margins look good but the effort needs to step up a bit. We have 4 tough opponents left and I don't want any excuses.
What we need is some good, hard hitting, that leaves 'em with some loose teeth and second thoughts. Now, go run some laps, down to the watch house and back!
- Andrew
Mar. 8th, 2018
Week 1 and Bounties
Good start to the season. I see that off-season conditioning program paid off. Those agility drills have definitely made a difference.
We put a little money down for some contracts on the competition. Call it an insurance policy. We're not taking any chances with those blood-suckers and the elves need to keep one-eye open at all times.
- Andrew
Feb. 19th, 2018
End of Season 21
Try? That's not good enough! Now, you have all off season to think about how you lost that championship game. I expect maximum effort next season and if you think about slacking off, you might find yourself cut and replaced. Now let's get to work!
- Andrew
Jan. 5th, 2018
Week 9
We had a successful outing against the Dragons of Caledor. They put up a pretty decent fight and we didn't do near enough damage to those dancing nancies but a win is a reward, nonetheless.
Now we get our second shot at the Corn Kings! This time it could be for the division, depending on how they fair against the Misshapen Clumsy Midgets. Either way, we need to let them know we mean business. So sharpen up those cleats and let's go get 'em!
- Andrew
Dec. 6th, 2017
Week 8
A good bounce back against the Reckoning Undead. Next up are those egomaniacal elves from Caledor. I hope they put it on the corn kings before we play them.
Don't expect a repeat of our last match. They should be better prepared for our strategy this time.
- Andrew
Dec. 5th, 2017
Week 7
That was, possibly, the most pitiful performance I have seen in a long while. Ugroth was doing some good work with that chainsaw of his but you couldn't keep that witch away from him. At least you stomped on her good, after you tripped her.
We still need to work on your fouling technique. There were too many elves on the pitch that didn't end up carted off. Next time we'll have to buy a couple more bribes. That groundskeeper wasn't worth the cost anyways.
Next time we hire that shaman, make sure he's paying attention, so he doesn't lightning bolt AFTER they're up 2-0. He could've saved a score with a good fireball and maybe made a game of it.
Now, on to the undead, I reckon!
- Andrew
Nov. 10th, 2017
Week 6
Another pedestrian effort fellas. Yeah you got the win and the scoreboard looks impressive but your ball-handling was hit or miss. We need a bit more consistency from you blitzers. Black orcs need to start doing more damage, you can't just stand around and expect your opponents to fall over and hurt themselves. You have to go out there and make that happen. Otherwise, you're going to be on line duty for the rest of the season. Your choice! Next we get those Paranoid gasbags, and I expect you to put on a show.
- Andrew
Nov. 5th, 2017
Week 5
How did we end up with a tie? Everything was working well for us. Just two plays, at the end of each half, kept us from certain victory. Why the GM decided to not play overtime, I will never understand. Something about plane tickets being nonrefundable...Nonsense!
Next week we have some monkeys to fight. That ought to be fun!
- Andrew
Oct. 25th, 2017
Week 4
I think the Caledor Dragons thought they were playing rats this week. Hah! We showed them how fast orcs can play. Their coach was a bit dejected after the match but I have a feeling they'll be back for the rematch. Those elves have big egos and short memories!
- Andrew
Oct. 25th, 2017
Week 3
Well, it wasn't a forfeit but it was a slow, grinding win. The rats showed up ready to play but I think they thought we were elves. Oh well, we got a real win this time. On to week 4 and the Dragons.
- Andrew
Oct. 4th, 2017
Week 2
Boo! Forfeits are for goblins or maybe rats. Nothing earned in a forfeit is truly earned. So unless you prove it in a subsequent match, don't expect any credit for it.
- Andrew
Sep. 11th, 2017
Week 1
Off to a rough start, lads. That Corn team is nothing to sneeze at but you could have harvested a few injuries, if you had just put in the effort.
Now we are on to the Undead of Ryan. Not sure where that is but we'll need max effort to insure victory. Our thrower is coming along well. Not the kind of progress I was hoping for but try not to get him killed before he can prove himself.
- Andrew
Shamlegger Street Rude Boys
Race:  Orc
Coach:  Andrew

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